The Art of Dressing



I am a freelance reporter for a local TV station, LMC-TV, and last week I was able to do a fun segment on a local boutique. As expected, the store was filled with cute holiday tops on racks and accessories neatly placed on shelves. The thing that really caught my attention was that it wasn’t just a store–half of the space was set up more like a stage with chairs.

As I was interviewing the owner, Tonia, I learned that she does much more than just run a boutique–she also gives consultations and speeches to groups of women. These women come to her store to learn about how to dress appropriately for your body type, but it doesn’t end there. Tonia also tries to retrain women’s thinking, whether it be their attitude or the way they think about themselves.

With a busy schedule, it can be tough to really pay attention to yourself. Sometimes it takes just  a little extra time and the right clothing or accessories to make you feel better about yourself.

To learn more about the store and Tonia, watch the video on YouTube or on channel 75 in the coming weeks when it airs.

You can also visit the website:

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