2016: The Year To Remember

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 11.50.48 AM.png
Photo via Pinterest

2016; What a year! 

2016 has been, as most can agree, quite the year. Some see it as a year to forget, a tough year, a sad year, or maybe even a triumphant year. For me, I’d like to reflect back on 2016 and think of it as a year of change.

Since December 2015, I bought a condo with my boyfriend (now fiancé), which underwent many construction and cosmetic changes, got a job at a TV show, left a job, got a new job and got promoted and most recently, got engaged!

With all the craziness that 2016 brought us, I like to take the positives from this past year. There were goals that were made, goals that were put aside, happy times, emotional times, stressful times and nerve-wrecking times.

I learned a lot and grew up a lot in 2016. I learned that (yet again) things happen for a reason, and though I may not understand it at that exact moment, things will work out for the better in the end- whether it’s a week later, a month later, or even a year later. Sometimes things will happen and you may not understand at the moment, but when life throws you a curveball you just have to run with it and hope for the best.

I was reminded that family always comes first no matter what and sometimes, life happens and your loved ones come first before anything else.

I will take what I learned from this past year and move forward in this New Year. It really is amazing how much can change in 365 days and for that, I am excited and anxious to see what 2017 has to offer…because you really never know!

Here is to more change into the New Year! (clink)

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