A Thanksgiving to Remember

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My fiancé, Ehrett, and I have been dating for over four and a half years. We met in college and were assigned a group project together the first day of class. He was from Seattle and I was born in raised in New York, so of course I fell for someone who was from across the country!

Fast forward five years later and we live happily together right outside of New York City. With the holidays coming up and with little hints he was dropping about an engagement, I had a feeling it was coming soon, but of course I didn’t want to get my hopes up!

We drove up to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving  and I didn’t expect much to happen that weekend (except for consuming a lot of food and wine!). Thanksgiving day, I was preoccupied helping my mom in the kitchen and getting the table set up. Although I didn’t know it at the time, everyone was in on the secret to come later in the evening, but I didn’t suspect a thing. After a successful dinner, my family and I transitioned into the living room to talk and play some games.

I noticed that Ehrett was MIA for a while with my mom, but I still didn’t suspect anything of it. After maybe a half hour, he comes into the living room and asks if I could come outside with him to “take a photo.” It was dark, cold and snowing outside so of course, I said no. After a few pushes, I finally sighed and followed him to the door.

I grabbed my coat before going outside and I didn’t notice until then that he was squeezing my hand and walking quickly to the gazebo in our backyard. As we stood in front of the gazebo, I noticed how beautifully decorated it was (I later found out my dad decorated it for the special occasion) and there was a towel covering one of the flower beds. My heart started pounding as I was intrigued and also anxious as to what was going on. He removed the towel and there were two bouquets of roses and my favorite…macaroons!

I kind of looked at him in confusion as he pulled me into the gazebo to “talk.” Hearing the shakiness in his voice, my heart was beating out of my chest as my mind was yelling “is this going to be it?!” (but of course my first concern was that I hadn’t looked in the mirror since before dinner).

There wasn’t much talking however, since he then followed with “I need to ask you something” and knelt down on one knee (on the very muddy ground). He opened a little black box and said “You’ve always been my best friend, and I want you to be my best friend for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?” I stood there in amazement, not really sure if this was really happening and at some point, I proceeded to say “yes”!

Everything about it was so magical, and pleasantly surprising. Regardless of the weather, the christmas lights wrapped around the gazebo and the roses couldn’t have made it more perfect!

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